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Kenya Christian School for the Deaf Virtual School

Transforming education for all children through tailored, inclusive programs transcending traditional schooling systems.

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Reconstructing Education through Inclusivity

KCSD ABI E-LEARNING PLATFORM is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and tailored educational experience for children of all abilities.

Diverse Offerings

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Comprehensive Learning

Inclusive education for all abilities, covering core subjects with individualized attention.

Early Childhood Access

High school graduates get a head start on tertiary education through our Inclusive Early Childhood Program.

Flexible Custom Program

Highly individualized, custom education catering to diverse needs with just 10 hours per week.

Our Differentiators

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Comprehensive Inclusive Learning

Specializing in core subjects like Kenya Sign Language, Math, and Science, we offer a robust educational experience for all children.


Inclusive Early-Childhood Education Access

High school graduates can seamlessly transition to inclusive early childhood education, gaining a head start on their academic journey.


Flexible Education Approach

With just 10 hours per week, our highly individualized program allows children to progress at their own pace and excel in their areas of strength.


Customized Curriculum

We offer a tailored curriculum integrating self-guided learning and collaborative activities, ensuring each child receives the support they need.


Affordable Tuition Rates

Our program is cost-effective, providing high-quality education accessible to all families, ensuring financial barriers do not hinder learning.


Year-round Learning

Our continuous program allows children to learn at their own pace without interruptions, ensuring progress and growth throughout the year.

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